This section outlines the duties you will be expected to perform as an ATE teacher. These duties are listed as a general guideline. A more comprehensive list of duties will be announced at the time of your local placement.

The duties are carried out under the guidance of Provincial Education Bureau and Anhui State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs.

Your place of work may be in a school, Office of Education, English Training Centre or any other educational institute that has been authorised and certified by the afore mentioned Provincial Government departments. Duties will involve assisting local teachers with their English classes, and/or jointly conduct English classes with local teachers, and/or extracurricular activities or English camps.


  • To conduct English classes for Anhui students
  • To prepare teaching materials for English language education.
  • To assist in developing teaching materials for English language education.
  • To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities.
  • To demonstrate a good command of the English language, both written and spoken.
  • To perform other duties as specified by the Provincial Education Bureau and Anhui State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs
  • All ATE teachers will receive orientation and training related to living and teaching in Anhui. During this orientation, ATE teachers will be exposed to various subject areas and activities related to teaching and living in ANHUI.
  • Orientation is mandatory for all ATE teachers. If you are not present at the orientation, you will not be eligible for employment.
  • The 5 day orientation period is not included in the term of employment and, as such, is unpaid.


The Anhui Provincial Education Bureau and the Anhui State Administration of Foreign Affairs has set the remuneration package to be equivalent to the Korean EPIK and Japanese JET programs. Pay Scale increases from the base salary are dependent on the following:

  • Educated above Bachelors Degree level, e.g. Masters or Doctorate.
  • 5 plus years of substantiated teaching experience.
  • Length of time working with the ATE program. i.e. 2 nd year contract renewal.

A Furnished apartment is provided at no cost to the ATE teacher, and includes the following: Internet, TV, washing machine, Air Con, Sofa, Fridge freezer and cooking facilities.

Bi – weekly mandarin lessons provided by the host school. While we try to ensure that all ATE teachers receive the highest standard of mandarin instruction, we are unable to guarantee the quality of these lessons and as such accept no responsibility with regards to this element of the ATE program.

All candidates are issued with a full work Z visa, residence permit and are automatically registered with the Public Security Bureau, at no cost to the candidate.

Return Flight Allowance (up to 7000rmb) upon successful completion of contract.

Assistance in setting up the following:

  • Chinese bank account
  • Chinese phone number
  • Health Insurance.